Divided – Trailer

Click here to learn more about the Divided project. The pieces screened on May 14, 2016 at the Columbia Journalism School.

A Seat at the Table: An Immersive 360 Video Experience

By Lorraine Ustaris, Sam Steinberger and Ishika Gupta With additional reporting by Lisa Cohen, Jeca Taudte, Matt Bockelman Aria Chan and Sneha Antony Every month, at a small church on Broadway, residents from across a growing divide – neighborhood homeless and neighborhood professionals – come together for a shared meal. But not just any meal  –…

Peter Sarsgaard

By Erika Glass, Kajsa Lundman and Beatriz Vernon Hear some thoughts from actor – and fledgling journalist – Peter Sarsgaard, who is working with several j-school (and even some Video Storytelling grads) for the upcoming docu-series, America Divided on Epix this fall. We got the chance to ask him about our theme and disparity across America….

Honor Denied

By Kelsey Grey and Alicia Pellegrin Thousands of returning veterans  are coming home bruised and broken. To add insult to injury, they’re being kicked out of the military, losing critical benefits that could help them heal.  Former Army Sergeant Kristofer Goldsmith and a group of fellow veterans are fighting to pass a bill that would…

Breaking the Code

By Kajsa Lundman and Sanaz Rizlenjani Since 1980, the number of women in computer science has plummeted. Who benefits from math/science (STEM) education? The divide along gender lines is wide. Girls Who Code offers critical coding skills to girls interested in computer science.  WATCH THE SHORT DOC BELOW. REQUEST PASSWORD VIA “CONTACT” PAGE.

Belief in the Beat

By Christopher Cirillo and Anastassia Olmos Like nearly three million kids in America, Juan Garcia was teased for being different. One Brooklyn after school club teaches kids like Juan to find their self-esteem and themselves. Hear the voices of Hip Hop Saves Lives, spitting positivity with a beat. WATCH THE SHORT DOC BELOW. REQUEST PASSWORD VIA “CONTACT”…

Living on the Spectrum

By Aria Chan and Margaux Moores-Tanvier The number of  children diagnosed on the autism spectrum is rising. So are their needs as they grow into adulthood, especially the need for a safe and stable home. Meet three young men and their families as they struggle to grow up and apart. WATCH THE SHORT DOC BELOW. REQUEST…

Running For Ayotzinapa

By Valeria Ramirez Siller and Beatriz Vernon   Forty three students in Mexico were abducted two years ago, and to this day, none have ever been found. When his son disappeared, Antonio Tizapa began to run, not  to win, but to send a message at the end of each marathon: he won’t stop until he finds his…

A Shot at Life

By Sneha Antony and Nokuthula Manyathi Across America, drug overdoses are now more deadly than either car accidents or gun violence. In Long Island, a new program attempts  to stop the epidemic in its tracks with a non-narcotic injection. While some recovering addicts say they have turned their lives around some question whether it’s a…

Rite of Passage

By Erika Glass and Daniel Litke Facing death is one of the hardest things in life. Especially if you’re far from home.  Some of  America’s newest residents lack the resources – money, and the traditions they’ve left behind –  to cope with their loss. One  group helps fellow Muslims find peace at this trying time….

It Takes a Village

By Sue-In Oh and Assil Frayha   New York City’s West Village has been a haven for the LGBTQ community since the Stonewall Riots in 1969. Nearly half a century later, a new generation shares its struggle to fit in and find family. WATCH THE SHORT DOC BELOW. REQUEST PASSWORD VIA “CONTACT” PAGE:    …

Anti-Donald Trump Rally in Virtual Reality 360 video

Before we began work on Divided, the 2016 Video Storytelling class tried their hands at virtual reality 360 video. Here are the results of the day they spent covering an anti-Donald Trump rally in New York City. WATCH BELOW.